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Guatemala & El Salvador Trip

March - April 2006

Edgar & Regina
Cabrera Family
Roland with Edgar
Cabrera & his Dad
Adrian Cabrera with his
cousin & sister (Alejandra)
Roland Heddins at his friends' family coffee plantation

Mt. Fuego, an active volcano, viewed from Edgar & Regina's
family coffee farm near Antigua, Guatemala
View/download my video of this volcano errupting!
View of the southern sky,
including the Southern Cross
Edgar & Regina Cabrera, Regina
& Alex Ortega, Regina Ortega's
Dad, Luis Fernando Ortega

Some of the CCF Guatemala
team visiting Denise Beyeler
& Edgar Cabrera's family
View from our hotel in
Antigua, Guatemala
Guatemala mission group from
CCF in Garden Valley, Texas
Panfilo Hernandez typing with
his toes on Roland's Palm PDA

Roland and two friends
at Hermano Pedro hospital
Adam, Roland, Peter & Melissa Peter Scott
& Ludwin
Melissa Scott
and her friend
Mary Scott and friend

Roland translating VBS
lesson into Spanish
Roland with children
at Casa Bernabé orphanage,
Guatemala City
Roland at Coatepeque Lake caldera
near Santa Ana, El Salvador
Three volcanoes in a row,
El Salvador

View a touching video/slideshow of our Guatemala Outreach
(Windows Media file; non-broadband users will have a long download wait)