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Roland's Israel Trip Photos

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Roland Heddins & John Hilker in the plane

Jerusalem panoramic view

Jerusalem: Temple Mount & the Western Wall panorama

Jerusalem: Dome of the Rock & the Western Wall

The Western Wall (Wailing Wall)

Western Wall: looking up

Western Wall: prayer notes

Roland on the Jerusalem Wall; Mt. of Olives in background

Jerusalem: Old city street

Church of the Holy Sepulchre: slab where Jesus laid

Jerusalem: Jewish boys

Jerusalem: the Eastern "Golden Gate"

Jerusalem: Zion Gate

Jerusalem: Mikhael pointing to Mt. Zion

Jerusalem: S.E. outside corner of the old city (Temple Mount)

Jerusalem: S.E. outside corner of the old city (archaelogical area)

Site of the house of Caiphas the High Priest

Damascus Gate: Arab Market

Mt. of Olives tunnel

Murnane family

Sharing the Shabat meal with the Murnanes

Mikhael, Orit & Adiyah, their youngest

Roland opening up the Murnanes care package

Hebrew Messianic church service

Mikhael preaching in Hebrew

Hebrew, Arabic & English road signs

The Good Samaritan Inn on the road to Jericho

The Dead Sea & lush vegetation on shoreline

The Dead Sea, iridescent blue water

The Dead Sea, Jordanian mountains & date trees

The Dead Sea and salt encrusted rocks

Roland at the Dead Sea

En Gedi (where David hid out from Saul)

En Gedi: Davids waterfall

En Gedi waterfall

En Gedi waterfall (vertical panorama)

Roland Heddins at the En Gedi waterfalls

View of the Dead Sea from En Gedi

Silhouette of Masada at sunset

Canyon near Masada by the Dead Sea (1)

Canyon near Masada by the Dead Sea (2)

Canyon near Masada by the Dead Sea (3)

Canyon near Masada by the Dead Sea (4)

Back side of Masada from Arad in the Negev desert

Jordanian mountains at the Dead Sea

Judean mountains (about where John the Baptist hung out)

Judean mountains near Jericho

Rainbow in the Judean mountains near Jericho

Snorkeling at the Egyptian border near Eilat

Fish & coral in the Gulf of Eilat (northern Red Sea)

John Hilker snorkeling

Parrot fish in the Gulf of Eilat

Young armed military men

Jerusalem shuk food market (1)

Jerusalem shuk food market (2)

Jewish men doing their noon prayers

Ancient Roman bronze coins

Caesarea on the Mediterranean Sea

Caesarea: the old city walls

Roland at the ruins of Caesarea

Roland at the aquaducts at Caesarea

Rainbow at the Sea of Galilee

Tiberias: the old city walls

Migdal on the Sea of Galilee (where Mary Magdelaine lived)

Olive tree grove in the Golan Heights

Snow covered foothills of Mt. Hermon, socked in

Ruins of the ancient city of Dan

Peters house at Capernaum (panorama)

Peters House: the inner walls

Capernaum: view of synagogue from Peters house

Capernaum: synagogue outer walls

Capernaum: synagogue inside columns

Capernaum: the synagogue where Jesus taught

Rock where Jesus multiplied the loaves & fish

Rock where Peter was restored ("feed my sheep")

Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount

The Sea of Galilee

Galilee boat from the time of Jesus (1)

Galilee boat from the time of Jesus (2)

Jordan River, flowing into the Sea of Galilee (north)

Jordan River, flowing out (south) where Jesus was baptized

The cliff where the demonized swine went into the lake

Nazareth on a rainy day

Bahai Shrine at Haifa

Mediterranean Sea near Haifa

John Hilker & David Dolan (news correspondent)

Snow in Jerusalem (in front of King David hotel)