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Roland's Thailand Trip SlideShow

This slideshow displays photos from Roland's January/February 2003 trip to Thailand. At present, this slideshow program doesn't work well with Netscape browsers or with slow internet connections. You can better view the photos if this window is maximized and if you scroll down a little to avoid seeing the ad banner.

Click HERE to start the Slideshow

Click HERE to view the individual photos manually

NEXT View the photos one at a time, displayed alphabetically, advancing from one collection to the next.
AUTO Begin an automatic slideshow, displayed alphapetically, advancing from one collection to the next. If a photo fails to display within 30 seconds, the next one will begin downloading. *
PREVIOUS Re-displays the previously displayed photo, whether in normal or random mode. In Auto mode, clicking Previous displays the previous photo, then resumes the slideshow.
RANDOM View the photos randomly, whether in regular or Auto mode.
NUMERICAL Enter a specific photo number and press TAB to display it.

The text box on the left side of the control panel displays a description or explanation of each photo.

* this option works well with slower internet connections because while a photo is being displayed, the next one is being downloaded behind the scenes for faster transfer.