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Roland's Thailand Trip Photos

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The Alaskan coastal mountains & glaciers from the plane

Huge golden Buddha statues in Hat Yai, Thailand

The Pruett family and Roland Heddins, Hat Yai, Thailand

Todd & Carrie Pruett family

Todd & Carrie Pruett

Eating out with the Pruett family

Roland towering over two Thai ladies

Roland riding a skooter through the city with Todd Pruett

Todd buying some mango & sticky rice

Carrie reading to the girls

Baby Smith Pruett

Todd, Carrie & Smith Pruett

Smith Pruett with Thai family

Todd, Carrie & the kids

Todd, Shiloh & Roland

Shiloh, Savannah & Summer Pruett

The Pruett family at the beach (South China Sea)

The Pruett children at the beach

The Taylor family

The Taylors house

The back side of the Taylors house from their garden

Inside the front door of the Taylors house

Their Hmong mountain village

Bruce, Dia & their mangy dog

Bruce & Dia Taylor

The Taylor girls, all dressed up

Clare Taylor bringing in firewood

View of rock cliff mountains from their village

Foggy mountains

Clouds in the mountains

Mountain waterfall (vertical shot)

Mountain waterfall (multiple cascades)

Roland with Bruce & Dia

Wild orchid on trail by waterfalls

Wild rock orchids up in the mountains (about 5000 ft. elevation)

Bruce at their tea field (1)

Bruce at their tea field (2)

High quality tea plants

High quality packaged "Doi Inthanon" tea

One of their lemon trees

Bruce and their pig

Joshua, and Bruce grinding corn

Bruce grinding corn

Joshua crushing garlic

Joshua & Roland

Dia doing laundry

Evening devotions

The Hmong village church

Bruce preaching to the Hmong congregation

Hmong villagers (mostly women) helping neighbor prepare a house foundation

Young Buddhist priests on a pilgrimage

Bruce in the recording studio

Todd, Roland & Bruce

Dia cooking in the kitchen

The Taylors & Todd having dinner

Roland and Todd...eating DOG! (just tasting)

Todd Pruett enjoying some java

Todd playing UNO with the Taylor children (1)

Todd playing UNO with the Taylor children (2)

Dia getting the girls ready for school

Bruce driving & Todd being a goofball!

Beautiful northern Thailand sunset

Joe Kauffman & Todd Pruett at an orphanage in Chiang Mai (1)

Joe Kauffman & Todd Pruett at an orphanage in Chiang Mai (2)

Joe Kauffman and some orphans he helps to care for

Orphans (most are HIV positive) at an orphanage in Chiang Mai

Todd, Joe, Bruce & Roland eating out in Chiang Mai

My friend, Sally Jo Sebring (in Thailand at the same time)

Todd & Roland riding the sky-train in Bangkok

Rushing to the Bangkok airport on skooters!