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Collection of Funny Images

Here is a collection of images that I've collected over the years. Some of these
will give you an idea of my nutty & in some cases politically incorrect sense of humor!

Click on the thumbnail images for a larger view in a separate window

Babyfood.jpg (46242 bytes)
Walamelon? Funny plumber advertisement! "It's a Guy Thing" T-shirt Poor Nemo! Baby Food!


SHCOOL.jpg (27361 bytes) Death-wish-dog!.jpg (34256 bytes) Lost-Pup!.jpg (31102 bytes)
D'uh! This is funny because they're NOT my kids! Oh my! "Death Wish" Dog
(before and after!)
Those poor unappreciated Canadians!


Male Brain.gif (11124 bytes) Female brain.gif (10950 bytes)
The Male & Female Brains!
Don't take these too seriously now!
Elvis Hunk!?
(no comment!)
Now that was a bad computer virus!


Redneck-Highrise.jpg (28206 bytes) ROADKILL.JPG (24507 bytes)
"Save BIG $ this Christmas!" Redneck Highrise! Roadkill! Funny Internet Clock
(Take your pick: an Aggie,
 Polish or Cajun clock!)
This one was labeled, "Mouse for Women"!


gaswomen.jpg (29713 bytes)
"Help me!" Life after marriage! "Whipped" Magazine for men who don't wear the pants in their home! Someone has a parking problem! (this photo was originally entitled "Women parking!"...I didn't say it!) Too funny!
(OK, it could've happened to anybody!)


Home Alone...with Michael Jackson! Latest photo from Mars! Sign for a church in the community of Little Hope in Van Zandt Co, TX Cat or husband goes!

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