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Argentina Trip
Dec. 2005 / Jan. 2006

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Mauricio & Diana's Civil Ceremony, 28 Dec. 2005, Buenos Aires Palacio family Palacio family & wedding guests The Wedding, 30 Dec. 2005, outside Buenos Aires Mauricio & Diana Palacio
Palacio family & Axel eating out eating out again eating out again! Diana, Mauricio & Roland
Tango show / restaurant The Southern Cross & Alpha Centauri (New Year's Day morning) Eva Peron's tomb Roland with the obelisk in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires - Rosario Freeway tollbooths
Rosario city skyline Monument to the flag, Rosario Falkland Islands war memorial My 1st, 3rd & 4th grade teacher, Ms. Judy "Colegio Americano" school where I attended from K thru 4th grade
Douglas & Cristina Mallet family in Funes (outside Rosario) Douglas Mallet Martin Mallet One of the houses where we lived in the late 60's & early 70's in Fisherton A house we lived in during the mid-1960s (Morrison St.)
Roland at a park he played at as a young boy Roland, Juan & Mariano Roland Heddins & Mariano Mallet Club AtlÚtico Fisherton, where I learned to swim as a kid Oro˝o St., Rosario