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Roland & Jonathan's Vacation Photos
California & Oregon, August 2001

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0811-1MatchettRon-Amy.jpg (21834 bytes) 0811-1MatchettJanell-Joel.jpg (25310 bytes) 0811-1MatchettLacy-Sarah.jpg (24174 bytes) 0811-1Matchetts.jpg (27745 bytes) 0811CraterLake01.jpg (29437 bytes)
Ron Matchett and his daughter Amy (Klamath Falls, Oregon, Aug. 11) Janell Matchett and her son Joel Lacy & Sarah Matchett The Matchetts (except Ron who had to go to work) Crater Lake, northwest of Klamath Falls, Oregon


0811CraterLake02.jpg (27370 bytes) 0811CraterLake03.jpg (30505 bytes) 0811CraterLake-Dan-Brad-Jon.jpg (29006 bytes) 0811CraterLakeReunion.jpg (33465 bytes) 0811CraterLake-OHallorans.jpg (29087 bytes)
Crater Lake Crater Lake Dan O'Halloran, Brad Richardson & Jonathan at rim cliffs, Crater Lake (Aug. 11) Mini-LDM-Reunion at Crater Lake National Park: Richardsons, O'Hallorans, Roland, & Tim Fraser Dan O'Halloran and his children (Penny stayed at home)


0811CraterLake-Richardsons.jpg (28710 bytes) 0811CraterLake-TimFraser.jpg (27470 bytes) 0811CraterLake-BradRichardson-son.jpg (25147 bytes) 0812Newberry1-Roland.jpg (28332 bytes) 0812NewberryCaldera-Jonathan.jpg (28995 bytes)
Brad & Margaret (Farmer) Richardson family Tim Fraser at Crater Lake Brad Richarson and his son Roland at Newberry Volcano (south of Bend, Oregon)
(Aug. 12)
Jonathan at Newberry volcano caldera (East Lake & large obsidian flow)


0812Newberry-Dan-obsidian.jpg (30349 bytes) 0812Newberry-Jon-Dan-Penny-obsidian.jpg (30043 bytes) 0812Newberry-Waterfalls.jpg (28253 bytes) 0812Newberry-creek.jpg (29422 bytes) 0812-OHalloran-DanPenny.jpg (27250 bytes)
Dan O'Halloran with obsidian (volcanic glass) rocks at Newberry volcano Jonathan, Dan & Penny at Newberry obsidian flow trail Waterfalls at Newberry National Volcanic Monument downstream of the waterfalls Dan & Penny (Mathewson) O'Halloran
(Aug. 12)


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