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Funny Images

Several of these are a bit dated, as they came out during various current events in the past couple of years.

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church-help.jpg (28803 bytes) Thanksgiving-bird.jpg (32561 bytes) ExtremeSelfConfidence.jpg (67495 bytes) Fortune.jpg (32252 bytes)
Let church kill you? Don't show your kids this one! That's self-confidence! That wasn't chicken!
Click HERE for a
related song parody.
Ultimate Speed Trap!


Airforce1-GWBush.jpg (37204 bytes) Airplane.jpg (97922 bytes) FAA Security.jpg (33331 bytes) boeing.jpg (30210 bytes) afghanweather.jpg (22119 bytes)
Airforce 1 (George W. Bush Design!) Don't look to your right! FAA Security Photo! Boeing aircraft Afghanistan 5-day forecast!


Arkansas-Sign.jpg (34423 bytes) waterpark.jpg (39999 bytes) dumfart.jpg (36347 bytes)
Arkansas sign!
(this wouldn't be too  funny if it were real)
My kind of card! Tokyo Water Park! I think I would have changed my name!! Overworked!


Skunk-Motel.jpg (34169 bytes) alittlecloser.jpg (25505 bytes) Clinton-Evolution.jpg (32401 bytes)
Is this supposed to attract business?! "...a little closer" Those aren't sheep!
This one's not so funny "ha-ha," but funny strange!
Why we need friends! Clinton Evolution!
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 animated GIF of this.


Satirical Looks at the Palm County, Florida Idiocy
Voting4Dummies.gif (60182 bytes) election-winner.jpg (21051 bytes) 6THSENSE.JPG (25414 bytes) DemocraticSeal-CryBaby.jpg (49159 bytes) Sore-Loserman.gif (14428 bytes)
Voting for Dummies Tough one to decide, ay? "I see dumb people" Democratic Cry-Baby Seal Gore-Leiberman Bumper Sticker!


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