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Roland & Jonathan's Vacation Photos
California & Oregon, August 2001

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Roland & Jonathan's Uncle Elvin & Aunt Helen Daigle in Palo Alto, California (Aug. 7) Uncle Elvin pointing out the view of Stanford University from their retirement home apartment Jonathan & Roland with Uncle Elvin at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, CA (Aug. 8)


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Cousins Lori Sanders & Polly (Heddin) Kinnison (Lori's mother) (Ripon, CA, Aug. 9) Roland, Lori Sanders, & Jonathan David & Lori Sanders family (our cousins on the Heddins side) Golden Gate Bridge Jonathan & Tim Fraser (Aug. 9)


0809Sacramento1.jpg (30145 bytes) 0809Haleys-Marnie.jpg (29194 bytes) 0809MarnieBrownThomas.jpg (26779 bytes) 0809RolandWendyHaley.jpg (28605 bytes) 0809Sacramento2.jpg (29127 bytes)
Mini-LDM-Reunion in Sacramento
(Aug. 9)
Roland & Wendy Haley family, Marnie (Brown) Thomas Marnie (Brown) Thomas Roland & Wendy (Hock)  Haley Marnie Thomas, Tim Fraser, Roland Heddins, Roland & Wendy Haley family


0810Shasta-Jon-Roland-car.jpg (30207 bytes) 0810Shasta-elevation.jpg (27882 bytes) 0810Shastaview.jpg (28520 bytes) 0810Shasta-LakeSiskiyou-Jon-Roland.jpg (29075 bytes) 0810Shasta-Nview.jpg (22526 bytes)
Jon & Roland with their "urine colored" rental car at Mt. Shasta! (Aug. 10) Mt. Shasta View from Mt. Shasta (about 8100 ft.) Jonathan & Roland at Lake Siskiyou with Mt. Shasta in the background Mt. Shasta (from the north side on our way to Klamath Falls, Oregon)


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