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Roland & Jonathan's Vacation Photos
California & Oregon, August 2001

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0815OregonCoast-lighthouse.jpg (26046 bytes) 0815OregonCoast-lighthouse-area.jpg (27442 bytes) 0815OregonCoast-lookout.jpg (22523 bytes) 0815-RiverAlsea-PaulKellerman.jpg (26015 bytes) 0815-RiverAlsea-flora.jpg (28232 bytes)
Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast, north of Florence (Aug. 15) Cove by Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon coast Kellermans & Jonathan at Cape Perpetua scenic overlook on the Oregon coast Paul Kellerman at Alsea River Alsea River flora


0816-001Kellermans.jpg (28676 bytes) 0816-001Roland-Kellermans.jpg (27846 bytes) 0816-1CalifCoast.jpg (23923 bytes) 0816-2CalifCoast.jpg (23373 bytes) 0816-3Redwoods-Big-Tree.jpg (29270 bytes)
Paul & Donna Kellerman
(Junction City, Oregon, Aug. 16)
Roland with Paul & Donna Kellerman Northern California coast south of Crescent City
(Aug. 16)
Northern California coast south of Crescent City Redwood National Park: The "Big Tree"


0816-3Redwood-Roland1.jpg (29132 bytes) 0816-3Redwoods.jpg (29641 bytes) 0816-3Redwoods-Jon-Roland.jpg (29109 bytes) 0816-3Redwoods-Roland-climb.jpg (29701 bytes) 0816-3Redwood-treehug-Roland.jpg (29682 bytes)
Roland and some massive redwood trees (Aug. 16) Giant Redwood Trees (looking up) Jonathan & Roland inside a redwood tree Roland & a redwood tree Roland pretending to be Algore, the treehugger!


0816-3Redwood-treehug-Jon-Roland2.jpg (29077 bytes) 0816-3Redwood-trunk-Roland.jpg (30275 bytes) 0816-elk.jpg (27196 bytes) 0816-fern-canyon.jpg (29273 bytes) 0816-PacificCoast-dusk-Jon.jpg (27652 bytes)
Jonathan & Roland: group-hug!
(Aug. 16)
Roland inside a sawed-off redwood treestump Elk at Redwood National Park Fern Canyon at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Jonathan at Gold Bluffs Beach, Prairie Creek State Park at dusk
(Aug. 16)


0817-01Vineyards2.jpg (27818 bytes) 0817-Daigles-Fortes.jpg (28210 bytes) 0817-Daigles-Helen-Elvin.jpg (26535 bytes) 0817-San-Marina-Jeanie.jpg (24119 bytes)
Vineyards off Hwy. 101, north of Santa Rosa, Calif. (Aug. 17) Back in Palo Alto with the Daigles & Fortes Aunt Helen & Uncle Elvin (Palo Alto, CA, Aug. 17) Cousins San, Marina & Jeanie Forte


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