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Roland & Jonathan's Vacation Photos
California & Oregon, August 2001

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0812OHalloranFamily.jpg (29201 bytes) 0812-OHalloran-kids-Roland.jpg (28059 bytes) 0813-01MtWashington.jpg (25004 bytes) 0813-01SistersMts-lava.jpg (26492 bytes) 0813-1ProxyFalls.jpg (26980 bytes)
Dan & Penny O'Halloran Family (Aug. 12) O'Halloran children wrestling with Roland Mt. Washington with lava flow in foreground (Aug. 13) Two of the "Three Sisters" mountains with lava flow in foreground Proxy Falls at McKenzie Pass, west of Sisters, Oregon


0813-1KoosaFalls.jpg (28043 bytes) 0813-1MtJefferson.jpg (29062 bytes) 0813-Seger-Heddins.jpg (30455 bytes) 0813-VeldaFairbanks2.jpg (26067 bytes) 0813-VeldaFairbanks4.jpg (25159 bytes)
Koosa Falls, McKenzie Pass Mt. Jefferson from Hwy. 22 headed toward Salem Roland & Jonathan with their Stanbery/Seger relatives (Salem, Oregon, Aug. 13) Velda (Stanbery) (Seger) Fairbanks (age 92) Velda Fairbanks


0813-JohnSeger.jpg (23400 bytes) 0813-LucilleKraenzler.jpg (24022 bytes) 0813-RobertaMaxfield.jpg (23471 bytes) 0813-KLeeMaxfield.jpg (24365 bytes)
John H. Seger (Velda's son) Lucille (Seger) Kraenzler (Velda's daughter) Roberta (Seger) Maxfield (Velda's daughter) K-Lee Maxfield (Roberta's daughter)


0814Whitmores.jpg (25519 bytes) 0814-FishHatchery-Jon-Jerry.jpg (29235 bytes) 0814-FishHatchery-rainbowtrout.jpg (26372 bytes) 0815-1PaulKellerman-RV2.jpg (25980 bytes) 0815-OregonCoast-02Sanddunes-Jon-Donna-Paul.jpg (22258 bytes)
Jerry, Amy & Jackson Whitmore (Springfield, Oregon, Aug. 14) (Jerry & Roland shared an apartment  in 1993-94) Jonathan & Jerry at a Fish Hatchery east of Eugene, Oregon Rainbow Trout at a fish hatchery Paul Kellerman and one of the Country Coach buses his company builds (Junction City, Oregon, Aug. 15) Jonathan, Donna & Paul Kellerman at sand dunes on the Oregon coast (the Kellerman boys didn't come with us)


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